Rescue team gets support

The Animal Rescue Team Inc. of Santa Ynez would like to thank members of Solvang Christian Science Church for helping the animals and public safety. Their donation of $2,500 will help our team further our community outreach efforts, in helping our local orphaned, displaced and injured animals.
This year our team has rescued, rehabilitated, released and relocated nearly 500 animals in various forms of distress. Many were rescued during and after the Tea Fire, as well as the Jesusita Fire. Our volunteers worked around the clock as an evacuation partner with the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department. Our rescued species range from hummingbirds to orphaned and starving mountain lion cubs, as well as many domestic animals.
Without the generous
donations from our community, and our dedicated volunteer community wildlife program, none of our many success
stories would have been possible.
The Animal Rescue Team is happy to announce the recent purchase of a permanent rescue and rehabilitation facility. With the support of several local investors, this life-long dream and purchase was made possible.

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