Letters: No trophies for bear hunters

Denise Goldmann, Goleta March 11, 2010 12:00 AM

Re: the recent letter to the editor, “Make humans unbearable to bears,” hunting doesn’t reduce conflicts with bears. Trophy hunters target the largest bears that may look good on a wall or as a throw rug, not the young males that are primarily […]

Dear animal lovers

Please join us tomorrow stuff 500 newsletters at 5:30, 875 Carriage Drive. We will provide some great wine, and pizza.

Hope to see you all tomorrow,

thank you for all your support,

Love the critters, and me,

California Black Bear Public Safety Incidents:

DFG has recorded 12 “bear attacks” since 1980. In some cases, the details of these attacks were not completely known. According to the DFG’s statewide public safety guidelines, a wild animal attack is defined as “physical contact, injury or death.” Each attack is summarized below.

Mono County, October 2003 – A 43-year old Orange County […]