Bobcat Emergency

For those who called, and stood guard over the large male bobcat that was hit by a car, we have good news.(CHP call log posted below). The Santa Barbara Sheriffs department dispatch center (Penny) called and asked if would respond. The RP who struck the bobcat was very concerned and caring, also getting his parents to respond, as well and stand by the animal until we arrived with our animal rescue ambulance. Other calls came as many passerbys stopped to try and help the injured bobcat, some suggesting we ” Just shoot it”.
One caller thought the cat may have been a mountain lion cub. Because of this, we notified our local warden, who was standing by. Once we surmised this was in deed a bobcat, one of the largest i have ever seen, we immediatly sprang into action, by hitting the animal with a dart from our tranq. gun. The warden showed up, and helped us load the injured bobcat into an awaiting crate. By 8PM we had the cat at Solvang Vet Hospital where pain meds were administered, and surgery is scheduled to have the bobcats back leg pinned the following AM.

A HUGE thank you to Jorge the DFG warden for helping, and not hesitating for a second, all the bystanders who kicked in, Santa Barbara Sheriff dispatch, who all made this a team effort, for another successful rescue.

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