MLF Cougar Clippings

Mountain Lion Foundation MLF Cougar Clippings

News Links                                                                        7/14/2010

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Here are a few of the top stories on mountain lions from recent news articles.
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What’s New at MLF

Folsom Zoo
MLF Outreach at the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary

On Saturday, July 3rd,
MLF volunteers hosted an educational booth about mountain lions outside the cougar enclosure at the Folsom Zoo (Sacramento-area, CA).  Visitors were able to see the zoo’s four lions up close while learning about MLF’s efforts to protect wild mountain lions. Our free lion postcards were a big hit! MLF will continue this community outreach one Saturday a month.

Sign up for Volunteer
Announcements to join MLF at the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary in August.

Shortcut Links

Mountain Lion Facts
Mountain Lion Facts
Learn the basics about mountain lions (also called cougars, panthers, pumas, and many other names).

Celebrating the
American Lion
A coalition of 30+ organizations joined together to celebrate and promote the American lion.

US History of Bounty & Sport Hunting of Cougars
History of Cougar Hunting
A historical timeline of cougar hunting in the US.

Mountain Lion Presentation Offered to Law Enforcement Officers

After public outcry over the recent shooting of a mountain lion in San Luis Obispo by police officers, the Mountain Lion Foundation and Animal Rescue Team Inc have teamed up to help local law enforcement and wildlife officers prepare for future wildlife encounters. On Friday, July 23rd, MLF field volunteer Robin Parks will brief local officers on how to handle mountain lion calls with non-lethal techniques. The presentation will be hosted by the Animal Rescue Team Inc at their facility in Solvang, California. Police, Sheriffs, Animal Control and CA Fish & Game officers are invited to attend, and many have already RSVP’d.
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California Tax Dollars Used to Kill Radio Collared Mountain Lion

A radio collared mountain lion (named M56 by researchers) living in one of the small patches of mountain lion habitat left in southern California was recently killed by the US Department of Agriculture. M56 was part of a study that looked at how mountain lions navigate around our urban areas and how far they’ll disperse in search of habitat. M56 was the first lion in the study to successfully cross Interstate 15 – the ten lanes of heavy traffic that run from San Diego up through eastern Los Angeles County then over to Las Vegas – and he was heading away from populated areas.

Unfortunately, after all his efforts, M56 was killed for going after someone’s hobby sheep left unprotected overnight. No matter how careless a livestock owner is, if a lion preys on a domestic animal, the pet or livestock owner can legally have the lion killed at the tax-payers’ expense. This, along with roadkill deaths, has killed off about half of the radio collared lions in the study. While many are outraged that someone had M56 shot, habitat loss continues to kill a large but unrecorded number of mountain lions in the state.

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Bakersfield to Welcome Back Mountain Lions

The California Living Museum (CALM) has been working long and hard to complete their new mountain lion enclosure. The facility, located in Bakersfield California, expects to open the exhibit next month which will provide a home for two mountain lion kittens. CALM’s very first animal was a beloved mountain lion named Whiskers. Unfortunately Whiskers died from valley fever back in the 1990s. For over a decade visitors have watched the museum adopt numerous other native wildlife species and have been asking for the return of their favorite cat. In just a few more weeks they will finally get their wish. Mountain lions are an important part of the natural ecosystem. With more than a hundred being orphaned in the American west every year by sport hunters, CALM has the opportunity to rescue two and give visitors a chance to learn about the cats up close.

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Those were just a few of the lion articles from the past week.
The Mountain Lion Foundation follows cougar and wildlife news each week. For a complete library of the most pertinent news articles, visit the Mountain Lion Foundation Newsroom.

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