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About 20 deer have been poached in the last two months in the gated community of Rancho Ynecita in Santa Ynez. According to a news release from Animal Rescue Team Executive Director Julia Di Sieno, most were shot with a 22 caliber firearm “to keep the noise down.”

On Sunday, a nursing doe bled to death after she was shot with an Easton Legacy long bow. Some property owners in the area have posted no hunting and no trespassing signs, according to the press release.

One neighbor from the general area said she has noticed poaching off and on in the rural area for several years. Animal Rescue Team is offering a $1,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the suspects.

— Staff Report

This doe was found on a 20-acre property on Canada Este Road. The arrow in its hip area caused the doe to bleed to death. – Courtesy photos

The arrow used to kill the doe is an Easton Legacy 2016 #50-55 long bow and has yellow and green fletching with a muzzy 100 broad head.

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