Editorials : Our Opinion: Mercy killing? We are outraged

April 17, 2011 11:42 AM
So now we are supposed to look upon these two killers as victims because they haven’t slept in a week and have been criticized for killing four defenseless baby owls?
Only a moron would expect any sane person to believe that crap.
Hunter Jacobsen, one of the 17-year-old killers and his accomplice, who law officials are refusing to identify — something for another editorial — committed a heinous crime and they should pay a very stiff price for their actions. Prison time and heavy fines wouldn’t be enough.
Unfortunately, in this case, it looks like even that won’t happen. Killing the baby owls is a only misdemeanor and the most they could get is a 6-month prison term and a $10,000 fine — if they were adults. Apparently at this point, these two are considered juveniles.
Carla Jacobsen, step-mother of Hunter, along with the other parents, are probably just as much to blame for this crime. There has been an astonishing lack of any remorse, expression of outrage or horror about their kids’ monstrous actions. We only get what are intended to be excuses from Mrs. Jacobsen. Only more insulting would be a plea of self-defense.
Certainly her misplaced concern about the effects of criticism on them is part of the problem; bigger problems are that she believes this was a “mercy killing,” that they “weren’t being malicious or mean,” the boys “were scared” (how about how frightened the baby owls must have been?) and that they didn’t “torture” the baby owls when they killed them with two-by-fours.
We as a civilized society cannot tolerate this behavior. No excuse or explanation will make this situation any better, and this is not a “learning moment.”
If the baby owls were truly injured — and we find this very hard to believe, since these two seem to have a habit of lying — why didn’t they go for help? How difficult would it have been to find someone?
If they are avid hunters as claimed, clearly they have no compunction about killing animals anyway. It is well known that serial killers often go on to kill people after torturing and killing animals.
These two killers should be in jail; they knew what they were doing when they committed this crime and have admitted as much, although now they are trying to sugar-coat it. These two killers shouldn’t be around any animals, ever.
Sign petitions to have these types of crimes be felonies with stiff fines and prison time for all age groups and demand that the District Attorney’s Office and law enforcement enforce these laws.
These two should be charged as adults. It’s time for the DA’s Office to get tough. Let’s hope it doesn’t wimp out on this crime the way it did with the 10 Tea Fire students.

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