Rescued Fawn

Today after driving 85 miles one way transporting  yesterdays rescued bobcat, we got a call out from CHP dispatch for an injured fawn stuck in a fence. I was on my way back from Atascadero animal hospital, in Pismo when i received  the call.
The poor fawn was discovered by a fed ex lady named Sheila. She made the gruesome discovery while on her route, calling 911 from her call phone. CHP gave me an exact location on Campbell road between Buellton, and Lompoc.
This is what i found upon my arrival. I had no choice, in using our tranquilizer gun again. After sedating her, she needed to be cut from the deer fencing, which was tightly wrapped around her ankle. Not having any wire cutters i felt helpless. I then called Dispatch and asked for a Sheriff deputy to help. Once the animal was cut from the fence, we raced her to the Vet. Happily her injuries were only superficial. After stapling her lacerations around her ankle, i took her to our fawn rehab facility for rest, and recovery. As of 8PM this evening, she was standing up on all 4 legs. We hope with enough solid help from volunteers, we can release back where she came from in the next few days to be reunited with her mom, and sibling, who stood guard over the fawn during the entire rescue..

Sadly our rescued male bobcat that was struck by a car yesterday on San Miguelto in Lompoc, was euthanized. X-rays showed has back leg to be entirely shattered. Upon closer exam we noticed that his opposing elbow, and proximal radius was shattered too.
My heart is heavy after all we tried to do for him.

Due to the high volume of calls, we desperately need more volunteers who would like to help take calls, do wildlife transports, or help our non-profit with donations.
We also rescued more ducklings today, 2 hawks, another grouse, and a baby swallow.

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