Todays amazing Juvi Red Tail Hawk rescue in Los Olivos.

Today at 12:30 Pm, while executive director, Julia Di Sieno, and volunteer Biata Sommer, attempted to eat lunch, our rescue hotline received another call from local CHP dispatch. Several bicyclists visiting from England, and Santa Barbara discovered a very young red tail hawk hanging upside down from wood, and barbed wire fencing. CHP dispatch immediately patched the reporting party thru to our Animal Rescue Team, Inc. 805 896-1859 hotline. We arrived just in time to safely remove this fellow safely from the barbed wire fencing. We are happy to report that his injuries are superficial. After being tube fed, and hydrated, he perked up. Hopefully within the next day or two, we can release him back to the exact area where he was discovered to be reunited with his parents.
Thank you SLO CHP, and  Kellen Klein for your time and patience, standing by until we arrived. This bird would have continued to suffer and die without your support, the CH, as well as our team efforts.

For more information, please visit our website,

Thank you,

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