When will it stop…

When Will It Stop!

On July 4th we received a report from a local couple in Buellton. They reported to us that their free roaming Rooster had been killed by an adult bobcat. We did our best to educate the concerned family.  Two days later we were informed that the Bobcat has taken residency under their redwood deck. Our executive director drove out to the property to assess the ill appearing adult bobcat late at night. Upon further examination it was discovered that the adult bobcat was suffering from poisoning and mange.

This bobcat was another victim of rodenticide - when will it stop!Attached is a photo of the adult male bobcat coming out of sedation after further treatment.  Providing this bobcat survives, we will continue with treatment for the following 3 weeks.

Again, EVERYONE, please think twice before using this lethal poison.  Our org  did contact Das Williams today, in an all out effort to end the sales of 2nd generation poisons.  The fight to save yet another bobcat has cost hundreds of dollars – adding to the already huge sum of money we’ve spent trying to save many, many more animals from being poisoned – some successful, some not.  We cannot continue to rescue and rehabilitate these animals without YOUR help!  PLEASE – if you care about saving these animals and can spare some of your hard earned money, we need donations.  For donations, please send to Animal Rescue Team, Inc. 875 Carriage Drive Solvang, CA 93463.  Thank you for caring!

UPDATE 7/15:  This bobcat did not survive, despite all our best efforts.  Truly another sad day for our wildlife that is struggling to survive.  We cannot accept the rampant secondary killing of these amazing animals!

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