Poor little stinker!

Tonight our wildlife rescue hotline received a call reporting a young skunk staggering on the road with a yogurt (yoplait) plastic container stuck around his/her head.

Upon our arrival we discovered someone’s trash, suffocating, and starving this young skunk. We used one of our specialty pole nets to safely capture the animal. Once we had the skunk in a carrier, we were able to safely remove the Yogurt container. Poor skunk sustained small superficial lacerations around the neck area from trying to remove the foreign object. We hope to release him after a few days of food, and hydration at our facility.

Here he is before I removed the container… You can see the yogurt container on it’s head in the front of the net … Poor stinker!  He’s doing well now – loving all the attention and care we are giving him!  We hope to release him soon – this time, well away from the trash bin :-)

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