Injured Horses Rescued Safely!

Around noon on southbound Hwy 101 just past Buellton, traffic was jammed up due to a domestic disturbance (a guy apparently beat up his girlfriend and left her on the side of the road).  As a result of the traffic jam and the downhill grade of Hwy 101, a driver swerved in an effort to miss vehicles stopping quickly in front of their truck / horse trailer and hit the center divider guardrail – jack knifing the horse trailer and injuring both horses.  We got a desperate call from CHP for help – and very shortly after, Julia Di Sieno showed up with our animal ambulance, followed by tow trucks and Dr Doug Herthel, DVM and his son Dr Troy Herthel, DVM – who arrived on scene with a horse trailer to transport the injured horses to APEMC.  Julia used medical supplies to assist doctors Herthel, then did what she could to help CHP diffuse the massive traffic jam!  Definitely above and beyond the call of duty – but just another rescue for Julia where she got the job done!  Special thanks to father and son – Team Herthel – for saving both horses…WELL DONE!

Dr Troy Herthel arrives on scene

Dr Doug Herthel trying to come up with a plan to safely remove the injured horses

This mare had her rear left hoof ripped off in the jack knife

2nd horse being led out of jack knifed horse trailer

Dr Doug Herthel, DVM in action

Dr Troy Herthel, DVM sedated the injured horse and applied a cast where the hoof was ripped off.  She was a little lethargic in getting into the APEMC horse trailer for transport to Dr. Doug Herthel’s horse clinic.

Dr Troy Herthel, DVM of APEMC treating the massive bleeding

Both horses safe at the clinic with their owners (who were not injured, but terribly upset about their horses being injured)

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