Stray Cat Looking for Owner

On Sunday, July 15th, City fire department dropped off a very sick black and white cat.  Someone had dumped the cat off at station 30 in Solvang.  The firemen were kind enough to go above and beyond the call of duty, bringing the sick cat to our facility in Solvang.

Monday the cat was taken to Solvang Vet Hospital where blood tests and x-rays were performed. We reported the stray cat to County Animal Services in Lompoc. Until today nobody has claimed ownership of this cat. Sadly we will need to euthanize the sweet kitty tomorrow, to end his suffering. His lungs and abdomen are full of fluids, and a mass is present in the stomach. We are hoping to locate the owners, so they can be there to say goodbye. Please help us find this dying cat’s humans…

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