Opinion: TOO HARD TO BEAR: Why does the Deapartment of Fish and Game want to expand bear hunting?

To Eric Loft, Chief, California Department of Fish and Game:

The effects on the statewide black bear population that shall be addressed in the April Environmental Document Regarding Bear Hunting include:

• Increasing the regulated annual harvest up to 2,500 bears;

• Incorporating portions of San Luis Obispo, Modoc, Lassen and Inyo counties […]

Hello animal supporters,

Yesterday we received another fawn from City of Santa Barbara Animal Control. She weighs a mere 2.5 pounds and is finally taking the bottle, and doing good.

Opinion: Bear hunting plan a grisly affair

Anthony Prieto

April 1, 2010 6:57 AM In response to Julia Di Sieno’s recent guest commentary, “Too hard to bear,” and after reading some of the follow-up responses, I felt I had to speak up as well. I’ve hunted in Santa Barbara’s back country for almost 25 years. I hunt wild pigs and […]

CDFG ignores orphaned cubs and punishes rescue group.

A year ago two tiny mountain lion kittens exposed a huge hole in California’s mountain lion protection policies. Even the state known for setting the standard in lion protection still has work to do before mountain lions will truly be “specially protected.” The ban on hunting lions for fun was only a first step; clarifying […]

Animal Rescue Team moves into new home

“For once, I have a decent home,” Julia Di Sieno, executive director of Santa Ynez Valley-based Animal Rescue Team Inc., excitedly told the News-Press last week.The tireless animal rescue worker closed escrow on her new home, which is also the new home of the nonprofit Animal Rescue Team, in October 2009.

She and the myriad […]