Poisoned Bobcat

By Julia J. Di Sieno

On Sunday night our rescue hotline received another call for help. A jogger found this female bobcat shaking under an oak tree in Santa Ynez. While on scene our team witnessed many squirrel bait traps littered on nearly each land parcel. Despite our heroic efforts, treating our suffering bobcat […]


1) Rodents and especially mice are allergic to oil of peppermint and will not frequent a property where they can smell it. If you place a few drops of oil of peppermint on a piece of cotton and place it anywhere you feel that there is a mouse problem, you will never see them again. […]

Mountain lion found in Santa Barbara backyard

A mountain lion roaming a Santa Barbara neighborhood has put residents and an elementary school on alert while wildlife experts prepare to tranquilize the animal.


Raptor Problems

To all, the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service is sending out notice of a potential problem with certain signs and fence posts. The small holes drilled at the top of metal fence posts can trap raptor toes. To remedy this problem if these posts or signs can’t be avoided, a suggested remedy would be to […]