Stray Cat Looking for Owner

On Sunday, July 15th, City fire department dropped off a very sick black and white cat. Someone had dumped the cat off at station 30 in Solvang. The firemen were kind enough to go above and beyond the call of duty, bringing the sick cat to our facility in Solvang.

Monday the cat was taken […]

Injured Horses Rescued Safely!

Around noon on southbound Hwy 101 just past Buellton, traffic was jammed up due to a domestic disturbance (a guy apparently beat up his girlfriend and left her on the side of the road). As a result of the traffic jam and the downhill grade of Hwy 101, a driver swerved in an effort to […]

Dr. Behrman Takes a Walk on the Wild Side

California orthopaedic surgeon contributes his talents to Animal Rescue Team, Inc.

Jennie McKee

When Michael J. Behrman, MD, is not busy treating the upper extremities of human patients, he turns his attention to the damaged wings, fractured legs, and other injuries of wild and domestic animals.

The orthopedic surgeon and self-described “life-long animal person” co-founded […]

July 5th – Another bobcat kitten poisoned!

Today we landed another dying bobcat kitten that tested positive for rodenticide poisoning. Several Vets, as well as our team vets are doing all we can to pull this innocent 10-12 week old kitten thru this horrible suffering. PLEASE everyone, think outside the box before you use or lay down D-Con, Tomcat, or any other […]

Poor little stinker!

Tonight our wildlife rescue hotline received a call reporting a young skunk staggering on the road with a yogurt (yoplait) plastic container stuck around his/her head.

Upon our arrival we discovered someone’s trash, suffocating, and starving this young skunk. We used one of our specialty pole nets to safely capture the animal. Once we had […]

When will it stop…

When Will It Stop!

On July 4th we received a report from a local couple in Buellton. They reported to us that their free roaming Rooster had been killed by an adult bobcat. We did our best to educate the concerned family. Two days later we were informed that the Bobcat has taken residency under […]