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 Thanks to your three years of help, on August 5, 2015 the California Fish and Game Commission voted 3-2 in favor of adopting a statewide ban on the pelt trapping of bobcats. But a few procedural steps remained before the ban could officially take effect, and paperwork delays very nearly resulted in yet another year of trapping. Ban supporters were doing some white knuckling as the 2015/16 bobcat trapping season, originally scheduled to open on November 24, 2015 was fast approaching. Happily, the final hurdle was overcome last Friday when the Office of Administrative Law approved the ban with enough time for the prohibitions to go into effect on November 20, 2015. Congratulations to each and every State DFW permitted Wildlife rescuers, and rehab facilities, Project Coyote, Project Bobcat, locals of Joshua Tree, and 3 of our State Department of Fish & Game Commissioners who voted to ban this horrid cruel and inhumane pelt trade.
For the good word from the California Fish and Game Commission:
To read a summary of the last three years:
Project Bobcat is a non-funded volunteer organization, originally created to achieve a ban on the pelt trapping of bobcats in California. Because that goal has now been accomplished, please expect a short period of radio silence. However, we consider the welfare of our state’s bobcats to be an ongoing concern and Project Bobcat will resume posting as new issues emerge.
Attached are several images of local bobcats our team rescued, and raised as orphans. All bobcats have been returned to the wild. We refuse to share release sites publicly due to the high volume of poaching. This years drought heavily impacted ALL State wide native wildlife, as well as us boots on the ground rescue and rehabbers. For those of you who did support all our efforts, this is a time for celebration and Thanks.Thank you,

Julia J. Di Sieno
Animal Rescue Team, Inc.
Executive Director, co-founder
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