Bobcat rescue and the CHP

Animal rescue

On the night of March 3, the Animal Rescue Team, Inc. received an animal rescue call from San Luis Obispo CHP dispatch.

The dispatcher reported to me that a bobcat had been struck by a vehicle, and that the reporting party thought the injured bobcat could be saved. I immediately responded to Jonata Springs Road, near Bobcat Springs Road in Buellton. I was told that a CHP officer was standing by and awaiting my arrival in our rescue vehicle. Upon my arrival, the situation was assessed and we tried to use a catch pole to apprehend the injured bobcat.

Unfortunately, the bobcat squeezed through a large wire mesh fence, and was now on the right shoulder of the southbound 101 shoulder. CHP Officer David Voorhees immediately jumped the fence, in an attempt to dissuade the cat from running into traffic. While we all stood there worried, Officer Voorhees called for backup. Within minutes CHP officers Gregg Aiello, Shayne Dickson and Brian Rhodes pulled up alongside the southbound shoulder to assist. Officer Voorhees retrieved a catch pole from his patrol unit, and with the help of the other officers, was able to noose the injured cat. We then covered the cat with a blanket and managed to safely put the bobcat into a veri kennel.

Without the help and compassion that the Buellton CHP officers displayed, this cat could not have been rescued safely.

From all of us at the Animal Rescue Team, Inc. in Solvang, a very heartfelt thank you, to our truly dedicated officers, for going way beyond the call of duty. Together we can make a difference for our local wildlife when such tragedy strikes in our valley.

Julia J. Di Sieno, executive director

Animal Rescue Team, Inc.


805 896-1859

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