4-5 day young orphaned fawn

This 4-5 day young orphaned fawn was found next to her dead mother two days ago.
She is now resting quietly,  consuming her special doe replacement formula.

If you or someone you know encounters a fawn, PLEASE call our rescue hotline or DFW before intervening.

Healthy fawns may lay or stand quietly by themselves in one location for hours while their mother is away feeding. Once a fawn is removed from its mother, it can lose the ability to survive in the wild. The same danger applies to most animals, including bears, bobcats, foxes, coyotes, raccoons and most birds.

On average the state’s rehabilitation facilities receive an average of around 400-500 fawns per year from well-meaning members of the public. Many of these fawns were healthy and should not have been disturbed. People can call a rehabilitator, ( see below) who will determine whether there is a need for a rescue. Rehabilitators are trained to provide care for wild animals so they retain their natural fear of humans and do not become habituated or imprinted.

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