Wildlife Rehabilitation Documentary Series

Earlier this year, you expressed interested in possibly participating in our wildlife rehabilitation documentary series. I wanted to give you an update on the project.

The project is now called “Baby Wild”. As I explained earlier, it’s a series that follows the stories of orphaned baby wildlife from their arrival at a rehabilitation facility until their release back into the wild. The goal is to show the faces of these animals to get people invested in their wellbeing while increasing support for the wildlife rehabilitation organizations that care for them.

We have just launched the Facebook page for the series. You’ll notice that we don’t speak on the page about it being a tv series yet, although it’s clearly in the web address. Right now we’re just building an audience and using photos to do what the series will eventually do – introduce animal lovers to wildlife rehabilitation organizations. The bigger our Facebook following, the more this will help us in promoting the series when the time comes, and it also allows us to do a bit of good right now. If you are able to direct friends to the page, we would very much appreciate it.

We’ll keep you posted as things progress. We promise that we’re creating a beautiful television series that will make you proud.

All the best,

Kim Barker

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